Aerosol: everything you need to know

To know about the aerosol: which model should buy and when and how to use it to benefit from it without making mistakes. In fact this instrument allows to inhale drugs and physiological solution and is in fact prescribed in case of affections to the airways of which children are often victims such as coughs, bronchitis, pharyngitis and the like.

Here’s how to use it without making mistakes.

to make aerosol: preparation and inhalation As for the doubts on how to do aerosol, let’s assume that the preparation is quite simple: the important thing is to dose the drug well and, after inserting it in the ampoule provided, attach the tube to the compressor and turn on the machine. Make sure to inhale the drug completely through the mouthpiece of the aerosol.

For children you can also use the mask which is more practical but more dispersive. In any case, the first rule is always to clean your hands well. After the treatment instead it is advisable to wash the face well to eliminate any residual traces of the medicine and to thoroughly clean all the parts of the aerosol we have used with warm water. Which aerosol to buy? If this is the first time the doctor has prescribed aerosol for you and you will have to buy the appliance, you will realize that you will be spoiled for choice on store shelves.

Since it is often used by children, it is chosen based on the colors and adaptable shapes. In reality the most important parameter in absolute terms is the median of the mass aerodynamic diameter or DAMM , and which must be between 0.5 and 5 microns . This indicator measures the particle size of the drug we are going to inhale: we understand that to be able to penetrate even the smallest parts must be small.