How to help children expel phlegm

The formation of phlegm can be very annoying and insidious for children as it risks clogging the airways, causing coughs, asthma and bronchitis of varying intensity . Otitis or real otomastoiditis more serious because at the risk of degenerating into meningitis . For this reason the formation of mucus and phlegm should not be treated superficially. Of course, children find it difficult to expel the phlegm by themselves.

How can parents help their children expel catarrh ?
ASMA CHILDREN: THE MALTEMPO AMONG THE CAUSES Some basic remedies for less serious cases are very simple: the most classic is to give them a nice hot bath together with the administration of foods and drinks at high temperatures. This type of feed can possibly be combined with a syrup with fluidifying function. Honey is one of the best known natural substances due to its fluidifying properties. Less well known but equally effective is propolis: the latter also has natural antibiotic properties for the treatment of sore throat and ear ache.

If the pathways are compromised it is best to contact the doctor who will evaluate the possibility of an antibiotic therapy. The most widely used instrument to clear the respiratory tract when the problem persists after these first operations is the aerosol in which drugs of different types are dissolved depending on the severity of the problem to be treated. If your child is afraid of aerosols a technique can be to turn it into a moment of play, for example by pretending it’s a microphone. For younger children, pre-packaged pipettes based on saline solutions can also be found in the pharmacy. These pumps remove the phlegm. Before using them, however, contact the pediatrician because not all doctors are in favor of using them.