Multiple Advantages of Aluminium Ute Trays

Aluminium Ute trays are the next best investment when you always use your four-wheel utility for camping trips, trading, or farming. The additional loading capacity provided by aluminium Ute trays makes it the top reason to invest in one.

Transporting your goods from point A to point B becomes easy and safe with the help of this sturdy tray.

Easily handling loads with its sturdy design is the typical function of Ute trays. However, opting for aluminium Ute trays provides extra protection, making it the best option.

The flexibility and durability of aluminium Ute trays allow them to handle quite heavy loads. Its durability has been tried, tested, and proven over the years. Removing the sides of the tray allows you additional surface area for your equipment.

Other advantages aluminium Ute tray offers include:

Added security

Further securing your vehicle and equipment becomes possible with an aluminium tray. Equipment and supplies are kept safe and intact with the lockable toolbox feature of the tray.

This extra security feature offered by aluminium trays understandably makes it the popular choice for utility vehicle owners. Providing extra load capacity pus the security feature not only enhances the aesthetics of your vehicle; the tray also increases its resale value.

Added load capability

One of the most appealing features of aluminium trays is their additional load capability. Carrying all the items and equipment you need for business or camping spells convenience like no other.

Conventional tubs are not good options if you can have your utility vehicle fitted with an aluminium tray. Doing so allows you to carry heavy loads such as furniture or construction tools without worry.

The best option for the work environment

The aluminium tray is your best partner when your work demands the frequent loading of heavy materials and equipment. Work becomes easier when you have a durable aluminium tray fitted to your utility vehicle. The suitability, capability, and durability of the tray make them your ideal work partner at all times.

Accessory and tray options

Mixing your preferred accessories is achieved when you opt for a customised aluminum tray. Additional benefits are gained with the installation of preferred accessories in your tray. For instance, ladder racks, removable side rails, canopies, slide-out drawers, and more are customised accessories you can opt for to include in your aluminum tray.

Tailor-made for your needs

Extra design options are gained by opting for an aluminium Ute tray.  Your preferred design, size, finish, or colour is the specific details you can opt for in customisable aluminium trays. Matching the exact colour of your Ute body to the tray is achieved as well by the customised tray.


The bauxite material of aluminum trays makes them rust and corrosion-free. With aluminum trays, worrying about protecting them from the elements is out of the equation. The aluminum tray is your best working partner if you live or work in environments that are constantly exposed to salt water and sea air.

A standard tub is usually included in many UTEs. However, looking around at other utility vehicles usually make you see UTEs made either with steel or aluminum. While both types of trays will perform their jobs well, the aluminum Ute tray brings distinct advantages. Contact us at CSM Service Bodies to learn more aluminum Ute trays.