Recognised Mining Safety Products as Safety Hazard Solutions

One of the industries that adopt new technology along with pre-existing tools of the trade is mining. Work efficiency and safety dramatically improve when the latest technology in mining safety products is efficiently combined with tried-and-tested solutions.

Mining is considered one of the essential industries of the world. The things we take for granted today such as toothpaste to use for brushing our teeth or the fertilizers to make our vegetables, crops, and fruits grow healthily are not possible without mining.

Other than making life more comfortable for all of us, mining is considered one of the major contributors to any country’s economy.

With this said, it’s crucial to protect the mining industry and the people working on them. It means that only the best mining safety products should be used by mineworkers every time and all the time.

Some of the recognised mining safety products all mining businesses must have include:

Wireless network connection

Hundreds of workers are usually employed by mines. The exact location of equipment and miners while working in remote and hazardous areas can be tracked in real-time with the use of a wireless network connection. Being able to know the whereabouts of equipment and workers not only boosts production; it also ensures safety for all.

Devices such as laptops, IP phones, and smartphones are the perfect routes to connect wirelessly. The challenges of working underground are minimised with constant communication.

Enhanced cap lamp

Cap lamps used by miners in times past were meant to light up their way and work. Cap lamps have since evolved with RFID or built-in radio frequency identification. This allows workers to have their ID badges scanned by their lamps as they report for work.

The digital telemetry provided by the lamp makes it easier to track the location of the miners from start to end of their shifts.

Environmental and ventilation monitoring equipment

Tracking environmental and ventilation considerations is crucial for the safety of the workers. A mine equipped with environmental and ventilation monitoring equipment gains a host of benefits including:

  • Track humidity, airflow, and temperature levels
  • Monitor vibration to identify equipment misalignments, imbalance, or looseness before it fails
  • Measure noise levels to determine the noise exposure of workers. The use of noise dosimeters identifies not only the noise levels but also helps to prevent the health condition known as NIHL or noise-induced hearing loss from happening to workers
  • Heat stress monitors to predict the heat level exposure of miners. This is a preventive measure to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Air sampling pumps

The amount of particulates such as mists, dust, and fumes is readily identified by air sampling pumps. Dusty environments are hazardous to anyone’s health. Air sampling pumps coupled with dust reduction pumps ensure the safety of both the mine and miners.

Portable or fixed gas detection equipment

Gas detection is a required safety measure in all mines. The safety of workers is ensured by using either portable or fixed gas detection equipment.

One of the most hazardous lines of work or industry is mining. Safety in the workplace is crucial both for the mine and for the workers. Boosted productivity is ensured when miners are confident with the safety of the workplace.